Tenative list of the 64+ musicians participating in Sound/Shift. Additonal information is given wherever it is known.

-from Baltimore-

Neil Feather (self-built instruments)
Scott Larson:
(strings, contact mikes, objects)
John Berndt:
(reeds, drums, electronics, strings)
Julia Hammid: (voice, small instruments)
John Dierker:
Kristen Toedtman:
(voice, violin)
Lafayette Gilchrist:
Mike Barker
: (bass, electronics)
Dan Breen: (organ) "The circles are getting smaller than a deep-fried radio."Neil Feather
Andy Hayleck: "I am not a crook... but sometimes I improvise like one."
Calvin Tullos: (saxphone) "calvin always seemed nice!, he would let the accordian players ride in the pace car."
Vattel Cherry: (acoustic bass)
Chris Pumphrey: (fender rhodes piano, alto sax) "Life's a crapshoot....good luck."
Chris Donaghue: (guitar)
John Lemonds: (Percussion - drums and electric stringed). Notable reviewers have said "Very attentive" (John Dierker, Baltimore) and "Plays well with others" (Mrs Rooney, 1st grade, Saint Theresa's, Lincoln, NE).
Timothey Nohe: (laptop computer, voice, phonograph)
Steve Castor: (percussion)
Steve Bradley: (live electronics)
Michael Mersky aka LARKIN: (body, commodities, technology, other) "I pull my brain out and contemplate it daily"
Twig Harper: (prepaired electronics)
Carly Ptak: (prepared electronics) "Sincerity is the best gimmick"
Jason Urick: (electronics)
David Crandall: (compter)
Tom Boram: (guitar, sitar) "I always try to create for the listener the sound equivilent of the taste of my kiss."
Jake Amaral
Jason Willett:
Alex Strama:
Audrey Chen
: (cello)
Ian Nagoski: (electronics). "Folly in human form, dedicated to the development of a novel view of time and to expression of varieties of erotic suffering; a Simplist, basically, and the only one, probably."
Greg O'brien

keith childress
Gary harrison

Mark Richards: (strings, percussion, vocalizations) "...her soft-hued palette came as naturally as a clambake on the beach."
Patrick Crouch
Louis t. Gordy
keith childres
Jef Allen

George Spicka: (piano - electronics - percussion) "So many notes - Not enough fingers."
Tom Goldtien: (percussion)
Adam Wright: (guitar)
Ryan Copland
: (laptop computer)
Bryan Martin: (drum kit/percussion, radios, industrial turntables, guitar(s), upright bass, keyboard(s), theremin, assorted bird calls, trombone, pocket trumpet, synare-1, lint, noisemakers, autoharp, various bric-a-brac, ointment, etc...)
Mark Richards
Chiara Giovando: (violin, small percussion, vocals)

Doug Holden: (water, lemons, limes)
Dave Atoms: (electric bass w/ modified amplifier/ vocal droning) "For me....this music peels as it heals".
Tyler Wilcox: (Tambura)
Wes Matthews
: (percussion)

-from the rest of North America-

Ricardo Arias: (balloons)
Lukas Legeti: (drums)
Eric Leonardson: (Springboard, a pocket radio, loudspeaker, contact mikes, possibly with electronic processing)
Elliot Levine: (reeds) "the representation in sound of the continuous emotion of motion and the motion of emotion."
Toshi Makihara: (drums)
Alberto Gaitán: (laptop computer)
Jonathan Matis: (guitar, implements). Often, it seems that creating music is difficult, if not impossible; sometimes I remember that it is easy
Robert Switzer: (reeds, powerbook) "reverse-engineering and de-fetishising the objectification of sound"
Steve Loewy: (trombone)
Rachel Loewy: (pots and pans)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante
: (guitar)
Charles Cohen: “Atmosphere, landscape, traveling and subconscious, are what my sounds are about. Collaboration and exploration are what my process is about. The simple intent is sharing my favorite pastime with others.”
Jim Meneses: (midi marimba)
Helena Espvall-Santoleri: (cello)
Mike Sebastian: (saxophone)
Blaise Siwula: alto/soprano saxophone: I try to maintain a single focused sound in a spontaneous composition with the understanding that music is time and single becomes many in retrospect.

Adam Lane: (double bass)
Gary Hassay: (alto sax, voice)
Stanley Schumacher: (trombone, voice)
Rotcod Zzaj: (via recording)
Dan DeChellis: (piano)
Anita DeCellis: (voice)
Matt Hannafin: (circuit-bent electronics)
Willie Mack
Chris Forsyth: "If you've got something to say, say half of it." Hoagy Carmichael
Mary Flannery and Friends: (a miscellany of jazz and tribal instruments) "We like to play together at the end of the day. Since Sound/Shift has scheduled us for a Saturday morning, we can only wait and see what the hour, the light, the space, and the people around us do to our timbre."
Robert W. Getz: (keyboard). "I seldom go to the place I set out for." - Laurence Sterne.
Chris Heenan: (reeds)
Yvette Perez: (keyboard and vocal)
Elizabeth Ebaugh
Zack Ebaugh