was largely conceived by John Berndt in the mid-90's, but not realized until 2004. At the time, Berndt was largely unaware of related work, for instance the behind-the-scenes working in David Tudor's "Rainforest" series.

It wasn't until Berndt became friends with composer/programmer Samuel Burt in 2003 that the project gained momentum. Together, they developed the idea of objects as two-way amplified transducers, linked in logical chains routed, but not significantly processed, by custom computer software developed by Burt (currently implemented in Max/Msp).

The premier of SPEAKEROIDS (V1.0) was a six-week installation at The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore as part of the 6th High Zero Festival, 2004. The installation was in the form of a 10' square cubical frame built from PVC, with eight resonant object stations.

Currently, a new version of the installation (V2.0) for exhibition in a private residence is in development, and a touring/performative version, with live controls for multiple performers are also on the drawing boards.

In its involving conception, "SPEAKEROIDS" is the actual physical hardware system itself, and its current use exploring multi-object feedback circuits is only one of many possibilities for using these instruments. Other electronic music works may be composed or improvised through SPEAKEROIDS.